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Prime tips - Summary

Drink a glass of water ten minutes before your Prime Quiz starts. Login your account a few minutes before your quiz. Sit back for a moment. Omit distractions. Do not panic. Control your breathing. Start your quiz as soon as the countdown timer, of your booked Prime Quiz at home page, reaches to Zero. (Days 00 : Hours 00 : Min 00 : Sec 00). You will have to answer five questions in three minutes time. Avoid spending too much time on a question. If unsure, move on and come back later. If you can’t work out the answer, just estimate. Do not leave any question unattended. Trust yourself. Never see your Prime Quiz as a threatening event. For further details see How it works?

Work smarter not harder

Your Prime Quiz and other practice papers will often include tricky questions, in which the answer may appear deceptively obvious. Be very careful when reading a question, as little details may significantly alter the way in which you calculate the correct answer. Not knowing the finer points of the questions can lead to lower test performance.

Tricky questions

a. Some MCQs may request the answer to two decimal places but may include answers which are to three decimal places as options.

b. Some questions may be tricky. If unsure, the following criteria can help you:

-  In the case of "True or False" question format, a complete statement is usually false.

Example: The official sports of all countries in North America is football.

-  The qualified claims are usually true.

Example: The environment of the eastern woodlands was mostly forest. This statement is true due to mostly phrase.

-  Be careful with the tricky words. Statements containing "negative" words like "no" or negative prefixes such as "un" as in the word "unavoidable" or "dis" as in the word "dishonest", need special attention.

-  Always remember that two negative words and/or prefixes, in a statement are considered to cancel each other. Logically two negatives are deemed to create a positive. So the sentence would, therefore, be interpreted as being affirmative, not negative.

-  Some adverbs, although don't look like but also behave as negative.

Examples are seldom, barely, rarely and hardly etc. If used with another negative, it will be incorrect. 

 I couldn't hardly hear his voice.
   I could hardly hear his voice.

Read thoroughly

Ensuring that you read all the information provided to you within the quiz. Although this may seem like obvious advice, you would be surprised how many people skip important information, even vital information.

Give yourself enough time

Time is the most important factor on SundaySkills. Establish how much time you have available between now and the Prime Quiz and then draw up a realistic timetable. Last minute cramming, is not generally considered the best way to approach your quiz. If you time yourself, you would have bright chances to win. Set a schedule for studying your test paper.

Select your comfort zone

Select your ideal place to keep practising your Test Paper and to use during your Prime Quiz. Try to sit in a completely silent, bright and airy room. Get rid of all distractions. A completely tidy and organised ambient helps to concentrate more, however, a comfort zone is something different from person to person. So you need to search the area that suits you the most.

Update your browser

The psychometric testing platforms, sometimes are unable to function on older versions of internet browser(s). Ensure that you have the latest version of Chrome, Safari, Firefox or Internet Explorer etc. to attend the Prime Quiz and other contents properly.

Pay attention to Test Paper - Up to 60% more chances to win

Keep practising the Test Paper and your Prime Quiz will never be very difficult for you. Focus on the "type" and "description" of the questions/answers, because these could appear in your Prime Quiz with a slight alteration. This simply means that, for instance, the questions appearing in the Test Paper as fill in the blanks type, can be converted to multiple choice or true/false and vice versa. Hints and explanations may also be a part of a question or an answer in your Prime Quiz. This practice may increase the processing speed of your brain. For more details click here.

Avoid pressure

This pressure is caused by a shortage of time. Some people do mistakes in frustration and anxiety. They are less effective and lose their confidence under pressure. Admitting that mistakes happen and celebrating them when you do, makes mistakes less likely.

Think positive

Concentrate more and try to perform better in pressure. Think positive and avoid a known position of pressure. Success demands one to be in a mind state of self-confidence. Think in a way that you can, you will, you expect and you did it.


Pay attention whenever you learn new things. Motivate yourself with a thought that you can do it.


SundaySkills always needs your attention, not retention. Be present while practising the Test Paper to forget less.


Eliminate mental fog. Search what tricks and strategies work best for you in learning and memorising.

Embrace new technology

Knowledge is power. Use online tools, social media, blogs and Google to learn more about the material, relevant to questions and answers appearing in your Test Paper. It may not only increase your knowledge and information but can also help you, understanding different formats, questions would be asked in.

Share your Test Paper with family & friends

Share the contents of your Test Paper with your family and friends. You can also discuss with your classmates and even teachers, different information relevant to the material of your Test Paper.

Well….! Is your engine running balanced?

           -  Well fuel your body and brain

Nutritious foods have been proven to help improving concentration and memory. Choose milk, yoghurt, fresh fruits juice in the breakfast on the day of your Prime Quiz. Certain nuts & fish contain a brain-boosting ingredient, omega-3 fatty acids. Olives and blueberries are a good antioxidant. Nutrients will provide you with a slow release of energy throughout the time and may help you reduce anxiety at the time of Prime Quiz. Avoid sugary and fatty snack because your energy level may crash an hour later.

  - Well hydrate yourself

Dehydration may reduce your thinking function. Being well hydrated is essential for your brain to work at its best. Researchers say that drinking water may calm your nerves as well. Taking a glass of water five minutes before your Prime Quiz is a good idea as it may reduce your anxiety level during the quiz. Thirsty people could be more easily distracted during their quiz time.

  - Well sleep 

It is believed that the brain strengthens new memories during sleep. A good night’s rest of eight hours may sharpen your focus level and improve the level of your working memory.


TIPS are intended to give you a guidance only and never guarantee a success in Prime Quiz. Your win is subject to your speed and accuracy.