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Sharpen Your Skills
SundaySkills is an exclusive quiz website. We aim to help children and the general audience to improve their knowledge, increase their speed with accuracy and to use their skills to win fantastic prizes by participating in Prime Quiz. Additionally, each participant will get additional access to a huge questions-answers portal. These questions have been carefully designed not only to improve conceptual learning of the children but to enhance the skill level of the general audience.
We Spread Knowledge
SundaySkills is certainly a knowledge-based website, with full of educational material. The design of the portal focuses on the knowledge and ability of people ranging from 08 years and above. There is currently no other website in the country which awards a huge range of marvellous prizes.
Keep Practising
According to a discreet estimate, the learners retain 77% of what they learn when they practice. Therefore, you need to keep practising with your educational material, like free practice papers etc. You will also have other knowledge material with unlimited access.
Most IQ quizzes in the world consist of several tasks to measure your intelligence which may include analytical thinking, mental maths, short-term memory etc. SundaySkills has a huge quantity of knowledgeable material which, in addition to subjects like Mathematics, Science, English and General Knowledge, may also contain Reasoning, Mental Maths, Puzzles & Riddles etc.
Do Your Best
The practice is the key to success and to be best prepared as possible, and to achieve your maximum potential and receive higher results you need to keep practising. The practice is undoubtedly the hardest part of learning because it is rightly said the more you practice, the more you gain. You face obstructions, make mistakes and try to fix them with your knowledge and skills. The more you refine your skills, the more you succeed at learning. Being shaped entirely for fun and knowledge, SundaySkills not only promises to help you in your education but it will also help in developing skills and talent by delivering purposeful material. We have tried to make the hardest part of learning, easy by adding fun and an opportunity to win fabulous prizes.
Stay Informed
In the new era of swift technology and fast emerging social media one should keep oneself updated with the latest knowledge and developments in the world. Using SundaySkills will not only improve your intelligence level but will also help you to make your concepts more clear, enabling you to help your children and siblings in their studies.


All the new members are required to create an account to use the subscription area of SundaySkills. The subscription area includes Prime Quizzes, Test Papers, Practice Papers (unlimited questions-answers portal), Young Artists' Club and Lessons' Archive.
Signup an account is free.
The programme may start charging a nominal amount of fee in future. SundaySkills team will inform the users once it will happen.
We need your address for our record and to send the prizes won in the contest.
Yes! But it depends
You need one account: You need one account if you or anyone of your family members is attempting the Prime Quiz.
You need multiple accounts: You will need more than one account accordingly, if your family members wish to attend some common Prime Quiz collectively. Multiple accounts will increase your chances to win a commonly attempted Prime Quiz.
This is a user-friendly website. Anyone with a slight knowledge of using the websites can sign up. However, if you are less than 18 years of age, you may need your parents' assistance to pay a fee for your Prime Quiz, Young Artists' Club contest or any other paid product.


Study resources are included but not limited to Practice Papers, Test Papers and Prime Quizzes. The other future products which will also be available on our website will be a part of study resources.
The study resources currently cover four main subjects. These areas include Mathematics, Science, English and General Knowledge with the addition of Reasoning. More subjects will be added later to the study resources.
Prime Quiz is a time-barred intelligence quiz, designed to improve your skills and speed by giving you five questions to answer in three minutes. Fabulous prize is awarded to the winner of Prime Quiz. For further details, see Prime Quiz at a glance.
Currently Fortnightly
Currently, Prime Quiz is being offered to registered members fortnightly on Sunday. However, it is never fixed. Special Prime Quizzes can appear at different events like Christmas, Easter, Halloween and New Year Special etc. You need to keep checking the Upcoming Prime Quizzes.
Remember Ability/Mental Ability
Prime Quizzes have been designed to improve your knowledge and skills and to increase your working speed with accuracy. These quizzes are designed, based on knowledge, intelligence and mental ability of the children aged between 08 to 16 years and general audience of above 16 years of age, should have in general. Please see clause 3.17 of our Terms and Conditions for further understanding. These quizzes stimulate your self-driven efforts, to educate your mind and develop your skills.
Remember Equal Opportunity
Prime Quizzes have been designed with knowledgeable material for people of different age groups. The main idea of SundaySkills is to provide an equal opportunity to the children and adults to win costly and fabulous prizes with a belief that knowledge has no boundaries; even a child can be more knowledgeable than an adult.
A new Test Paper is uploaded at least 1 week before upcoming Prime Quiz. A Test Paper normally contains 25 questions with "Hints" and "Explanations" that gives you sufficient knowledge to attend the Prime Quiz. As three out of five questions of the Prime Quiz may be taken from the Test Paper, it may boost your chances to win up to 60%. For further details, visit Test Paper.


The "Countdown Timer", of your booked quiz, is very important to follow. It counts the time left for your quiz to start. You need to stay on the home page to click the "Name" or an "Image" of your quiz to start. As soon as its "Countdown Timer" reaches Zero. (Days 00 : Hours 00 : Min 00 : Sec 00), your Quiz Link (or Quiz Name) will appear on the next page to proceed further. (There may be a few seconds sync error, +/-3 to 4 sec time difference between your computer and our server). If you do not get a Quiz Link (or Quiz Name), after clicking the "Countdown Timer" at zero, it means that your computer clock is most likely running a bit fast. Do not worry and just refresh your page to get the Quiz Link (or Quiz Name) and start a Prime Quiz. As our system records the time, you invest (start time and finish time), rest assure that it will not affect your three minutes time frame. However, to minimise this time difference (time sync error), you are advised to sync your computer clock with internet time server.
There may be a time sync error of few seconds +/- 3 to 4 sec time difference between your computer and our server. To minimise this time difference, a synchronisation of your computer clock with "" (inverted commas excluded) or "" (inverted commas excluded) is advised. Always follow SundaySkills' countdown timer to start your Prime Quiz.

All the results are compiled and calculated by the system, therefore the result will not be visible for the participants. However, SundaySkills team can send the result by email, if later required by the participant. It may take two weeks.
If you do not attend any "fill in the blank" question, our system takes it (an unattended blank) as a "blank" answer and marks it as a wrong.
The score is "empty" means, number of questions, (other than fill in the blanks questions) you have left unattended. Any unattended "fill in the blank" question is marked as wrong.
Other Results: Other results is a history of your last ten attempts.
Gradebook: The Gradebook registers the quiz you take and shows the result of your last attempt of any specific quiz.
Quiz Status: "Completed" - Means you have completely finished the Practice Paper/quiz properly, by pressing Finish button.
Quiz Status: "Started" - Means you started the Practice Paper/quiz but decided to quit, without pressing Finish button. The Practice Paper/quiz is still incomplete and you are allowed to resume and complete it.
Note: An empty result column reflects 0% result.


Do it now
You firstly need to sign in; with SundaySkills. Secondly, pay a nominal "entry fee" for the Prime Quiz of your choice to reserve your place.
SundaySkills has no objection if you, after signing up, book/buy and attend any Prime Quiz of your choice. SundaySkills, however, feels that it is your ethical and moral responsibility to book/buy the Prime Quiz of certain knowledge skills for you or your children, keeping in view, your or your children knowledge and intelligence level. We trust that you will book/buy a correct Prime Quiz so that the competition should remain fair and beneficial for all.
Prime Quiz is made of five questions with specific techniques presented in different types, like MCQs, true/false, fill in the blanks and single choice. All questions of the Prime Quiz are based on knowledge of either Mathematics, Science, English, General Knowledge and/or Reasoning or could be a mixture of them.
Our system checks the right answers and compiles the submitted quizzes in nanoseconds. The fastest and accurate contestant wins the Prime Quiz.
Winner of the Prime Quiz is informed by an email about his/her win. If you are a winner, you simply need to follow the instructions on an email within thirty days, hereby called cooling period, after receiving the said email. Your prize will be sent to you within twenty-eight days after your confirmation. You can, however, claim your prize within sixty days of each draw, subject you provide us with an acceptable reason of thirty days delay after the cooling period. See clause 8.3 and 8.4 of our Terms and Conditions. Unclaimed prizes will be voided and become the property of SundaySkills.
You can turn your winning prize into cash. For details, see clause 8 of our Terms and Conditions. SundaySkills also offers that Prime Quiz winning prizes could be turned into the gift cards of your own choice, See clause 8.8 of our Terms and Conditions. To see a wide range of gift cards you may claim, visit Gift Cards.
In case of a prize available offshore; like free tickets of amusement park(s) or Disneyland etc. or any Holidays package, you (if a non-UK resident winner) would be responsible for travelling cost including air ticket, visa processing (if required) and all other relevant charges/expenses thereof or you could decide to claim cash reward, equivalent to the prize value. A cash reward is subject to the bank charges, applied. For further details, see clause 8.7 and 8.10 of our Terms and Conditions.
We cover the courier charges to ship the prize across the United Kingdom. Non-UK winners see clause 8.9.2 of our Terms and Conditions for further details.


You don't need to pay for a sign up. To create an account is free.
From £1
You can book the Prime Quiz of your choice by paying a nominal entry fee majorly, of minimum £1 to maximum £2. The £2 fee is normally charged for special quizzes at some event, like Easter, Christmas and New Year etc.
We neither have any access to payment card data nor we store any card information. Processing the payment transaction is handled through an Electronic Gateway/Platform, like Stripe or by one of the largest online payment processors in the world, PayPal.
UK Members: UK members can use PayPal or Stripe as per their convenience.
Non UK Members: All non-UK  members are advised to make their payments using Stripe to avoid additional charges on account of cross border and conversion fee etc. Making payment through PayPal may cost you extra on account of cross border and conversion fee. In case you decide to pay by PayPal, we recommend you to visit PayPal fee, before making any payment.
Banks charge you for many things. If you are a non-UK member, your bank may charge you for non-sterling transactions. Any charge on non-sterling transactions is not payable by us. You must check with your bank to figure out how much you could be charged for non-sterling payments.
Prime Quiz entry fee is neither transferable nor refundable.
Once you book/buy a specific Prime Quiz, it will not be possible for us to change it. You will have to attempt that specific Prime Quiz at a stipulated time otherwise you will lose your fee.
In case of a win, you are not allowed to return your prize to us, once claimed. You have, however, a right to turn your prize to gift cards of your own choice or cash at the time of your claim. In the case of cash claim, we will deduct 10% of the prize value on account of administration and cash handling charges.


SundaySkills is always here to help you. Visit Tips for you to get further guidance.
We appreciate your concerns. We do not take donations through our website. We, however, donate part of our profit to different Trusts and Charities. In other words, you are still with us in our efforts to approach deserving people. For further information please visit our Charity page.
Keep visiting our NEWS section. You can also find updates about SundaySkills on Facebook, Twitter, G+ and YouTube.
Use of calculator is allowed but not advisable while attempting a quiz. Try to sharp your mind.


Your privacy is important to us. SundaySkills is committed to protecting and respecting your privacy, see Clause 12 of our Terms and Conditions. SundaySkills promises to treat your personal information secured, fairly and confidential. Recognising our responsibility, we commit to protecting members privacy during their visit to our website.
Always finish your Test Paper/Practice Paper
The reason for it is that during your last attempt, you would have come out of your Test Paper or Practice Paper, somewhere in between, without finishing it. So your previously attended questions would still be in a count and will reflect in the result but will not appear on the screen to be attempted again in the same session until you finish the Test Paper or Practice Paper. It is recommended that you should always finish your Test Paper or Practice Paper properly. Don't worry! you have unlimited free access to these papers and can retake them any time you want to.
Receipt of a prize would be an asset of the company. A winner can't claim a receipt. A gift receipt will however be sent the winner. For further details, see clause 8.6 of our Terms and Conditions.
Do not worry
All prizes are bought absolutely brand new and sealed packed. In case of a faulty item, you could use your gift receipt for a refund or an exchange as per selling shop, superstore, website or company's policy. We recommend you to keep all the packaging with you, that in case of refund or exchange, you may need; the shop, superstore, website or a company may ask for it. For further details, see clause 8.6 of our Terms and Conditions.

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