SundaySkills - A project of DEHCONS
Established in 1998, DEHCONS primarily carried out a business of product designing and construction. With vast experience and an excellent track record, the company positioned itself as an ideal source of providing aesthetically and structurally sound solutions. In 2006, the company stepped into designing and development of educational and extracurricular activities projects in Asia.

We are proud to bring a unique quiz portal of its own kind, www.sundayskills.com. We have designed "Prime Quiz", a test of your skills and promptness that will give you an opportunity to win fabulous and expensive prizes.


KAIZEN - Continuous Improvement
Our focus is to help children and the general public to improve their knowledge and understanding and also to upsurge their speed with accuracy. To gain experience it is essential to practice a wider range of practice papers, available on the website. These papers have been carefully designed to improve conceptual learning and skills.

We put every effort to improve the design and quality of our questions/answers portal. Different range of questions, including true/false, fill in the blanks, single choice and multiple-choice questions (MCQ's) have been added, which have proven to improve speed and accuracy.


We spread knowledge
Knowledge is a series of self-driven efforts to educate the mind and to develop the skills. It is an informal experience you gain through continuous struggle in real life that may include proper education, group sessions, extensive reading, peers and keep practising the things you have learned. According to a discreet estimate, *learners retain 77% of what they learn when they practise what they learn.

SundaySkills is undoubtedly a knowledge-based quiz website. We use innovative approaches to make knowledge level better.

* sometimes adduce differently.


We can talk a lot about the value of practising. The practice is the hardest part of learning. The more you keep practising, the more you face obstructions, make mistakes and try to fix them. Knowledge is neither taught nor has its set guidelines. It has no boundaries; even a child can be more knowledgeable than an adult.

Being crafted entirely for fun and knowledge, SundaySkills not only promises to help you a bit in your routine studies, if you are a student but also, in developing skills and talent by delivering purposeful material.


To maintain the seriousness in the competition we expect genuine efforts by the participants. This is the major reason we charge for the quiz. Secondly, the entry fee we charge for Prime Quiz is used to maintain the quality and to improve the contents of our site. While gathering information and effective data for you with quality assurance and control, the emphasis on ensuring the accurate and honest collection remains at the top. Our team uses both, the textual and tabular methods in a process of collecting information from the relevant sources worldwide.

SundaySkills is probably the first such website that offers an opportunity of winning costly prizes with a nominal entry fee.

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