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What people say


Brian Cranston

Research Worker

It is clear to me that the format of the quizzes will help children develop their abilities and enrich their skills. My daughter is more interested in the Young Artists' Club. Why don't you guys think to add origami as another category of art in the club?

Seng Seng

Shen Shen


I critically studied The website really gives a framework to measure our children knowledge and skill level. You need a comprehensive approach by keep practising the questions/answers to accomplish the goal of winning the prime quiz.

Ahmed Ali


The opportunity to win costly prizes through quizzes is absolutely wonderful. I have found the test paper very challenging and beneficent. In my opinion, sundayskills is equally good for my whole family. Prime Quiz.... Get __ Set __ Go...

Raman Dhamija

IT Consultant

As an IT expert, I rate SundaySkills, a stunning and very easy to use website. The layout is quite simple to use. A prime quiz is a unique and brand new idea in the country. Good efforts guys. Please let me know if I could be helpful in any area.



Knowledge is a source of emancipation from the limits. Your brain handles multi-variable things in real time, effortlessly. As an educationist, I serve in the best interest of students by designing the curriculum. I found this site good for training & development.

Jennifer Moore


Wow! After gone through, extremely helpful test paper, I feel that I am well equipped with appropriate knowledge to win the prime quiz. 60% more chances to win as they say. Fabulous prize award is amazingly unbelievable.



Just stumbled across the site last week. It was a great experience. The major benefit of the site is that it is practically knowledgeable and helpful. A challenging way to spread the knowledge and award the skills with an amusing prime quiz feature. 

Stephanie D’Souza


I listened about Sundayskills from my class students. I think that Sundayskills provides seemingly endless fun with improvement in knowledge.  Very simple and easy to use for the children. A coming feature of unlimited practice papers looks very beneficial.

O. K. Persson


My grandchildren told me about this stunning website. In my opinion, you have taken an initiative to prepare people of all ages, to carry out their skills in the real world with a great opportunity to win attractive prizes. Good work SundaySkills.

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